Tuttnauer 1730 Value Clave

Tuttnauer 1730 Value Clave

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Fast cycle time- 11 minutes from a hot start
Automatic shut off at the end of both the sterilization and dry cycles
A long life electro polished chamber and door

Product Description

The Valueklave 1730 will satisfy your whole fundamental sterilization wishes. The compact size (7 chamber) makes it a super number one unit for small offices or a 2nd autoclave for larger practices. The short cycle time and heated drying delivers a handy guide a rough turnaround for wrapped or unwrapped instruments. The easy controls and simple closing door make this unit a breeze to perform. Prime speed and reliability are built into each and every Valueklave 1730. Drain valve is situated on the entrance, taking into account fast and simple draining of water reservoir. Twin safety to offer protection to against overheating.
Speedy cycle time- 11 mins from a hot get started
Automatic close off on the finish of each the sterilization and dry cycles
A longevity electro polished chamber and door
Double safety locking instrument prevents door from opening whilst chamber is pressurized


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