Short Guide on the NYSCPP Store:

Running a dental practice can be a costly venture that requires hundreds of thousands in order to efficiently furnish and operate. A dental office requires furniture, specific instruments, and equipment specific to the industry. All of these items must be high-quality to ensure the safety of the patient sitting in the chair.

At NYSCPP, we understand exactly what is required to run the most efficient and technologically advanced dental office in the country. All of the instruments and machines found at our business are up to industry standards and sold to offices across the country. Everything from premium dental examination sets to ultrasonic cleaners. The prices are worthwhile, the quality of the items is top of the line, and the service is unmatched.

Dental Furniture

Our services are capable of supplying an entire dental office with absolutely every piece of furniture they require. Everything from an assistant’s card to a single armed chair for the waiting room. Depending on the overall style of your office and the theme you are aiming to represent to customers once they step through the front door, the furniture available can accommodate your needs. A wide variety of colors, styles, and features are available, with micro fiber leather, black lounge chairs, wood loveseats, and carts with a variety of plywood paneling, formica paneling, or granite countertops. The options are nearly limitless for your needs.

Dental Instruments

Most dentists will soon discover that dental instruments are incredibly expensive when working with the big-name suppliers across the country. Their tools are the same as everywhere else, but the prices are marked up. This is not the case here. Our tools are premium quality for just the right price.

You can find any piece of equipment you’re looking for by searching through our online store. From a set of braces placement instruments to a composite unidose dispensing gun to basic dental examination and hygiene cleaning tools for under $20.

Dental Equipment

Dental Equipment tends to be the costliest items in any office around the country. Overhead lights, ultrasonic cleaners, steam sterilizer ovens, and cordless light lamps are not cheap items by any means, but that doesn’t mean they need to be over priced either. Our items are top of the line from name brands you can recognize at a glance. The prices reflect the service we’re hoping to convey: the very best.