Product Description

SAME AS PICTURE (100% MONEY BACK GURANTEED) EXCELLENT QUALITY GERMAN STAINLESS STEEL ITEM: SET OF 6 DENTAL ELEVATORS CONDITION: BRAND NEW (GERMAN STAINLESS STEEL GOLD HANDLE) TYPE: SURGICAL STAINLESS STEEL QUANTITY: 6 EACH (ONE OF EACH KIND) Luxating Elevators are designed to make extractions as trauma free as possible by cutting the periodontal ligament while easing the tooth from the socket. The result is less tissue damage that promotes quicker healing and fewer complications. Luxating Elevator is used by rocking and cutting rather than by lifting and prying the way a conventional elevator is used. The patterns include both straight blades ranging from 1.5mm to 4mm in leng SET INCLUDES ONE EACH OF THE FOLLOWING: 1 EACH LUXATING ELEVATOR,STRAIGHT 2MM (DEL LUX-S2) 1 EACH LUXATING ELEVATOR,STRAIGHT 3MM (DEL LUX-S3) 1 EACH LUXATING ELEVATOR STRAIGHT 4MM (DEL LUX-S4) 1 EACH LUXATING ELEVATOR,CURVED 2MM (DEL LUX-C2) 1 EACH LUXATING ELEVATOR,CURVED 3MM (DEL LUX-C3) 1 EACH LUXATING ELEVATOR, CURVED 4MM (DEL LUX-C4)