Product Description

LS1 DENTAL CLINIC CABINET W/LAMINATE TOP – SINK 3 MODULE AND MOBILE CART IMPORTANT: After acquire it is very important to practice up with us at the order as it may be shipped to nearest seaport through dealer which then ships to you in an instant. PLEASE MESSAGE FOR COLOR PREFERENCE SPECIFICATIONS: * Dimensions : 60 x 220 x 85 cm * 0,90 mm DKP metal sheet * more than a few Ral colour choices * Adjustable legs * Chrome deal with * 30 mm laminate submit-shaped worktop with 3mm PVC facet duvet * Built-in Bin * Acrylic Sink * Electrostatic powder coating. * Plastic trays (OPTIONAL) * Simple and silent Open Telecopic Slide Gadget Including a telephone quantity to reserve is very important as dealer will touch you while supply is as regards to your U.S. deal with